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Biographical   notes



Tullio Ceccato was born  in 1945 in  Asolo, to be  exact,  in  the  16th  century summer house  of  the bishops  of  Treviso  called "Ca' Vescovo", 

which  was demolished in 1967 so that a new factory could be built. Now he lives and works in a house with a splendid view of  the Asolan hills and Monte Grappa, about 50 km north of Venice.

He  has  taken part  in many group exhibitions and has set up several of  his own  (see the  file: exhibitions). Apart  from  the  Veneto, he  has  worked  in  Holland, Sweden, Canada, France, Austria, Poland  and the United States (San Francisco and Los Angeles). His workes can be  found in these countries and also in Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Venezuela and, of course, in many Italian towns.

Tullio Ceccato is an exponent of  the impressionist trend of Veneto painting. His subjects vary from flowers and portraits to landscapes, mostly of Venice and the hills of Asolo; subjects with a rustic charm, with pure colours and a  lightness of image. He began  painting  in  1969, with  Tom  Walker, an  English  painter, and Robert Hilton, an American one; developed his artistic style working with various other artists, among  whom  was  Dino Zampogna  from  Milan. But his master is nature felt and expressed in  the  classic manner of  the great Veneto artists of the past.

(See the file: critical review to get more information about his painting).

Tullio Ceccato, 2003 



Paris  :  the painter along the Seine River  , 1988

Bodega Bay, California 1990 

Asolo 1973





The 16th century house with a valuable fresco of Madonna with child, where Caterina Ceccato, Antonio Canova's grandmother, was born. On 26.10.1963 it became a historical monument protected by law. In spite of that, 4 years later it was pulled down in one night by a well-known businessman so that he could build a new factory.                                                         

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